Selected Press


Nagy, Peter. Personal Gnosis for Public Consumption: The Practices of Michael Bühler-Rose.
--------Fantom Magazine 011. November 2011 link

McQuaid, Cate. A World Projected Through Ritual, The Boston Globe
--------11.24.2010 link

Interview with Michael Bühler-Rose, Mossless Magazine
--------10.02.10 link

Gamber, Matthew. A Conversation with Michael Bühler-Rose, Big, Red & Shiny
--------05.4.2010 link

McQuaid, Cate. Travelers' Smorgasbord, The Boston Globe
-------- 05.04.10 .jpg

Thirukode, Meenakshi. Construction of the Exotic, White Wall Magazine
-------- (online), 09.02.09 link

Bühler-Rose, Michael and Gamber, Matthew. After Color: A New Look for
-------- Black and White?
, Bomb Magazine. (online article), 08.12.09 link

Johnson, Miki. Student Portfolio, American Photo on Campus, April .pdf