I'll Worship You, You'll Worship Me

I’ll Worship You, You’ll Worship Me reflects on my background of years of studying and teaching Hindu rituals as a Brahmin priest in India. By creating parallels between the artist as priest, the art object as a deity, and viewing it in the gallery/museum as a pilgrimage I explores how conceptual art practice translates to thousands of years of intricate Hindu theory on dealing with imagery.

In the two-way viewing theory of darsana, the pilgrim/viewer takes darsana of, or sees, the deity. Just as important though is that the deity is always looking back at the pilgrim/viewer, creating an acknowledgement of the viewer’s reverential presence.

In this video, the priest/artist uses a bathing ritual, usually reserved for venerating a deity, to worship the viewer. Flipping around the darsana idea explores how the presence of the viewer vindicates the existence of the art object, e.g. The viewer venerates the art object by coming to its temple/gallery to see it, the art object in turn, ritually welcomes and worships the viewer.